My Story

Hello, I’m Fiona and thank you for visiting this website and sharing my news, views and showing interest in the media services I can offer.

To give you a little background, I was born in 1966 in Somerset, UK the eldest of two daughters to Heather and Nick Bune. My mum was a housewife and my dad was a fabricator welder after starting an early career as a coal miner. In fact the coal mining industry ran in the blood of my family as both grandfathers and all of my great grandfathers were coal miners.

I grew up in a happy, loving home but money was always tight. My granddad had told me very early on that the only way for our family to move forward was through education and his wise words stuck. I worked hard at school, never quite being top of the class but close.

However, I didn’t do as well in my A levels as was predicted and ended up going to a more ‘lowly’ college of higher education. This was my first very important life lesson – what some see as failure need not be, it may simply be another route to fulfilment.

I trained to be a teacher but very quickly realised this was not the career I wished to pursue. I always wanted to be a journalist, particularly in local television. I eventually got a job on a local newspaper in Somerset, then moved on to a daily newspaper in Swindon, Wiltshire.

This was the beginning of my love affair with this small but extremely beautiful and diverse county. Five years later I entered the world of regional television.

I worked at ITV Westcountry (then HTV) for 13 years working my way up from researcher to series producer. It was a wonderful, happy time in my life. I made hundreds of television programmes from single subject documentaries, to political programmes through to factual entertainment and commissions for other broadcasters.

In 2009, I was sadly made redundant when ITV pulled out of regional tv programming and I was at a crossroads. Many people in the media are freelancers and I decided to try my hand at business as well as keeping my hand in as a working journalist and tv director.

Today, I’m still here, I work alongside other journalists like me and I still enjoy communication and story-telling as much as I did the first day I walked into an interview room and said ‘I want to be a journalist’.

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